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Our Business

And Our Approach

Since 1983, Tecnie Oil & Energy has steadfastly established itself as a reliable and nimble strategic partner for business and project development in the oil, gas and energy industries in Ecuador.

Our clients receive world class executive and professional services predicated on experience and uncompromising ethics.

Our reputation in the Ecuadorian oil & gas industry has made us a one-stop shop where our clients find the guidance and support for soft-landing and navigating through the intricacies and challenges of doing business in a country rich in opportunities. 

At TECNIE Oil & Energy, we recognize that business and project success is invariably predicated on a fit - for - purpose combination of three components:

  •  A valuable asset (whether an idea, an oilfield, a refinery, or a power plant).

  • The Project Management Team (PMT).

  • The timely access to project funding.

Due to its long time involvement with the energy industry, Tecnie is particularly suited to identify business and project opportunities, offering a highly skilled and experienced PMT, fit for each particular project.

Our experienced PMT identifies, analyzes and qualifies prospective assets and other project opportunities. We then define a master plan to tackle each project. In this process we engage with strategic allies and formulate the business development plan for clients and investors.

Tecnie maintains a world class network of strategic associates and advisors in the upstream, midstream and downstream segments of the oil, gas and energy industries. We are also well connected with investment bankers and project financing entities.

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