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At Tecnie we provide expertise in subsurface evaluation of oil and gas reservoirs, early production logistics, facilities engineering, field development and operations.

Tecnie has been a key player in the field development of Ecuador's Oriente Basin including blocks 7, 10, 15, 16, 18, 45, 50, 66.

We have performed numerous integrated reservoir studies for the largest oilfields in the country, including SSF, Auca, Libertador, CYB-SSH.

Our list of clients include: BP, PetroCanada, Conoco, Arco, Petrobras, Andes, PetroEcuador, Maxus, Oryx.


  • Technical support in reservoir analysis and evaluation.

  • Integrated analysis of geological, petrophysical and completion data.

  • Static and dynamic reservoir model construction.

  • Mathematical modeling.

  • Integrated reservoir studies for development management.

  • Independent quality control of company reservoir studies.

  • Process review prior to drilling.

  • Field development plan optimization.

  • Drilling CAPEX optimization studies.

  • Internal company reserve audits.

  • Professional training.


Tecnie has also capitalized on its large knowledge base and experience providing consultancy, engineering and project management services, to successfully develop several oilfield development opportunities...

  • 1999 - Tecnie partnered up with a Texas independent oil and gas company to acquire, redevelop and operate two marginal fields.  In one case, Tecnie setup the operating company that took field production from 800 BOPD to 4,500 BOPD in a 3 year period. To this date the field still produces close to 3,000 BOPD.

  • 2008 - Tecnie identified, structured the business and consortium of international investors to develop a marginal field, which reached a production peak of 2,200 BOPD from limestone reservoirs.

  • 2016-2018 Tecnie actively participated with a winning bid for an integrated services (10 + years) contract aimed at upside development to recover 40+ MMBO from a mature field requiring upwards US $300MM in Capex financing.

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